Una “filiera di valori” guida il nostro lavoro

Environment protection

Thanks to a modern purification plant, we guarantee that the water used in the production processes is then released into the environment clean and with "zero" impact. For this purpose, constant checks and analyzes are carried out by the autorithies in charge and by our internal laboratory.

Through two photovoltaic systems, the companies of the group produce clean energy for their processes, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the air.

About 2,400 kW of clean electricity per day are also obtained through the gas produced by a latest generation Bio-Digester that uses the livestock effluents of over 800 buffaloes, then transforming them into bedding for the stables and natural fertilizer for the fields.

Territory management

A staff of agronomists works to ensure that the fields of our farms retain their natural wealth through the application of specific agricultural practices and modern monitoring and cultivation techniques.

The manure, separated and stored in tanks, is used for fertilization as an active element of the production cycle. Natural compost for a “circular” approach to resources.

BWell-being of buffaloes

The spaces and facilities dedicated to buffaloes are designed so that they can best express their natural behavior and maintain physical and psychological integrity.

From the stables to the swimming pools for summer baths, to the milking parlor, to the “nursery” spaces, everything is designed to allow the animals to socialize correctly.

The buffaloes are guaranteed a balanced and GMO-free diet from the fields of the group's farms. And it is precisely the feeding of buffaloes that is one of the secrets of the quality of the milk with which we produce our Mozzarella DOP.

The continuous cleaning of all areas dedicated to the buffaloes reduces the risk of disease, and there's the constant presence of an internal staff of veterinarians who monitor the health of each animal for immediate diagnosis and treatment of any pathology.

Health safety

Agricultural lands: we carry out continuous self-control analyzes on the productions destined to feed the buffaloes.

Buffaloes: State prophylaxis is carried out twice a year, in addition to the continuous checks by our veterinarians.

Dairy: thousands of analyzes are carried out during the year to ascertain the level of dioxins in semi-finished and finished products; constant checks by the authorities in charge certify compliance with the hygiene and health regulations.

Respect for people

Inside the dairy, all the provisions of the legislation relating to safety in the workplace are scrupulously applied.

The company offers its employees and their families, in the village of Torre Lupara, welcoming villas and a school bus service to bring children and teenagers to school.