The dimension of quality is not in the numbers

Producing mozzarella according to the rules of art.
Using only the best certified DOP milk.
Caring customers with attention and dedication.
Directly manage every phase of the supply chain. From the cultivation of forage, to the breeding and milking of buffaloes, to the production of milk, to the creation of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP.

These are our priorities.
And this is why we are not the greatest, because our growth, constant but in small steps, has always been linked to the desire to depend exclusively on what our buffaloes and our land can offer us.
We are not the greatest, but it is enough to taste our mozzarella to understand that the dimension of our excellence doesn’t come from the numbers but from the passion.

A three generations family history

The Lupara Dairy is located in Pastorano (Caserta), in the heart of the DOP area where the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is produced, and it represents the sector reference point with its almost eighty years of history.

It all began in 1943 during the Second World War when mr. Ugo Iemma decided to leave the farm in the province of Salerno and transfer the family buffaloes to Torre Lupara.

Since that moment, with great entrepreneurial ability and a clear vision of the future, an important development work began with the reclamation and recovery of the territory, a modern approach to the cultivation of fields, the breeding of buffaloes and the development of targeted technologies, to make the management of business processes more efficient. The dairy itself, built to produce mozzarella using only the milk of its own buffaloes, was an intuition that anticipated the concept of a short and controlled supply chain, that today more than ever is a value that guarantees the absolute quality of our production.

A modern dairy company with roots in tradition

Today the Azienda Agricola Casearia Lupara is owned yet by the Iemma brothers (Giuseppe, Alfredo and Cesare) who continue their father job and produce the exclusive Mozzarella Lupara using exclusively the milk of the family farms in the breeding DOP area.

Agricola Casearia Lupara is today a modern entrepreneurial reality that makes the passion for mozzarella, experience and tradition the ingredients to create unique dairy excellences distributed all over the world.

“The attention to the needs of our customers turns into a promise of quality which is our daily goal. Always”

Alfredo Iemma

“We look to the future by living our land and our buffaloes day by day, in the belief that there is nothing that cannot be improved. In our opinion, excellence is not an achievement. It's work.”

Cesare Iemma

“Our mozzarella has the good taste of a job done with the passion, the experience of generations and the freshness that reigns in an uncontaminated environment.”

Giuseppe Iemma